Ingredia Powdered Milk (France)


Ingredia is a dairy company which develops and produces milk powders, milk proteins, functional systems and innovative bioatives for the food and nutrition & health industries throughout the world.

Ingredia is part of the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière which collects milk from 1200 members based throughout the Nord/ Pas-de Calais region in France. Ingredia’s principal mission is to effectively promote the entire milk production from its members, essentially through its fractionation.


Promotion of milk and dedicated structures

A specialist in quality dairy ingredients, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, Ingredia’s task is to promote all the milk produced by the members of the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière.

 Ingredia is thus a major player in the global industry of dairy ingredients by developing and producing products emanating from milk cracking. Thanks to soft and non-denaturing technologies (chemicals not used), Ingredia offers its clients native and non-denaturing ingredients, presenting a structure close to that naturally present in milk.  

These products are:

    • Powdered skimmed milk (Organic version available)
    • Powdered whole milk (Organic version available)
    • Powdered cream  
    • Milk and whey permeates
    • Native non-denatured MPCs (milk protein concentrate) thanks to CMF technology (continuous membrane filtration).
    • Native non-denatured MPIs (milk protein isolates) thanks to CMF technology.
    • Native non-denatured MCIs Micellar Casein Isolates) thanks to CMF technology.
    • Non-denatured whey protein isolates (native whey) emanating from CMF technology
    • Speciality nutritional proteins
    • Innovative functional systems of dairy origin
    • Unique bioactive components of dairy origin
    • Unique bioactive components of non-dairy origin

Concerning the above, the group’s activities were split into three Business Units. Ingredia shares its know-how and offers tailor-made solutions via these three units. Its market knowledge and presence over five continents present many advantages to ensure customer proximity and support as regards exports.

Through listening to market demands and those of its clients, as well as being an expert in the field, Ingredia develops targeted, innovative solutions, adaptable to individual expectations. 

Liquid milk and dairy powders from our farms by Ingredia Essential

All-native functional and nutritional proteins by Ingredia Functional 

Unique natural bioactive ingredients for Health & Nutrition industries by Ingredia Nutritional


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