Free Range Chicken

St. Sever: "Free - Range" Chickens and their cuts:Free Range Yellow Chicken

St. Sever "Free Range" Chicken are raised according to the "Label Rouge" Standards:

    1. Breed: “Bare – Neck”, a slow-growing meat producing Landais breed (Rustic).
    2. Free Range chicken raised minimum 81 days (Twice the normal raising period of a standard chicken) in total Freedom in the forest of Gascony.
    3. A traditional & unique way that has not changed for 50 years (in Marsensines).
    4. 80% of cereals (0% GMOs) rounded out by natural delights from the forest: Insects, Grass, Seeds, ect ..
    5. Very light weight loss during cooking

Corn-fed Yellow Chicken:

A subtly sweet flavor, with marbled meat and thin, very crispy skin. This juicy chicken is best roasted in its own juice without added fat.

Grain-fed White Chicken:

This breed produces meat that is rich and tended. It is ideal in a sauce because it is very lean.

Black Leg Chicken:

Tender meat with a slight taste of hazelnuts. This chicken is perfect served with a sauce. 

Free Range White & Black Chicken  


Cuts of Free Range chickens:

St. Sever Free-Range Chicken cuts available from the "Label Rouge" Yellow Chicken, White Chicken, and black legs Chicken:

    • Fillets with or without skin
    • Drumsticks
    • Thighs
    • Boned legs
    • Wings & Supremes.

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