Barbary Female Duck

St. Sever Festive range products (Label Rouge):Label Rouge Certification

These birds from slow-growing Landes breeds are raised outdoors in open air, from 120 days for pullets to 150 days for capons and turkeys.

Their diet consists of 80% cereals, mostly maize produced by the poultry farmer, finishing with milk to make the meat tender and tasty.




Brought from America by the conquerors, the Turkey itself symbolizes the holiday season. It enjoys particularly suitable farming methods and food of its same origins: the corn.

It is best known poultry for Christmas!

The St. Sever Turkey comes from a Yellow strain with black plumage. Only the females are being farmed because they are smaller than males and have a softer flesh. The female turkey poultry is raised in the wilderness for 150 days on a low-density area: 1 hectare for 500 turkeys, which allows them to run freely over large areas.


Tasting notes: The meat that is outstandingly refined and tender.

Weight: 3 to 4 Kgs

St. Sever Turkey

Presentation: Ready-to-cook.  


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