Barbary Female Duck

Barbary female duck:

The St Sever Barbary duck comes from a species of duck native to South America. It is raised in the Landes, more precisely on the slopes of Chalosse, thus benefiting from a mild climate for breeding outside for 70 days.

It is mainly fed from local cereals and complements its diet from grass seeds and insects pecked on the course. It is certified by Qualisud for the quality of its food and its culture period.

This certified female duck, of the Barbary breed, is raised outdoors in the Landes for minimum 70 days with a diet of 75% cereals. St. Sever Cannette


Certifications guarantees products of consistency reliable quality that conform to strict specifications with regards to the production duration and the 100% vegetable feeding.


Tasting notes: firm texture, holds together well during cooking and has a pronounced flavor.

Presentation:  ready-to-cook.


 IGP Certification Label Rouge Certification  

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