St. Sever Poultry (France)

 St. Sever (FRANCE):

St. Sever LogoSt. Sever is the Yellow chicken specialist and pioneer of Label Rouge in France. St. Sever is custodian of 50 years expertise poulterers experienced.

The love of a job well done, transmitted from generation to generation, illustrates each step in the development of St. Sever products.

Careful selection of poultry
St Sever poultry are all from local breeders that guarantee a breeding territory healthy and preserved with a local power supply issue ...

Careful preparation
Yellow skin, flesh plump, perfectly dressed, without scratching and without tarsi, whole poultry St Sever look very neat. We put the same care to our ward cuts.

Traditional design of our business.
In our slaughterhouses, quality prevails over quantity. Our poultry are sorted manually throughout the chain, which has earned us a rate derating above average ... and we are proud!

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