Nectars and Pulps Juices (200mL)

Melya Provence - Nectar & Pulp Juices (200mL):Melya Provence Logo

A rich range of nectars and fruit juice pure pulp, consisted of 12 various flavors will make you discover the freshness of our fruits, in small bottle of 200ml to adapt itself at all moments. 

Contents in fruits (Organic Farming): minimum 50% 

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  Available flavors: 

1.  Apple
2.  Pear
3.  Peach
4.  Orange
5.  Blueberry
6.  Mango
7.  Wild berries
8.  Raspberries
9.  Pineapple, Carrotsmelya pulp juice selection
10. Pineapple
11. Tropical
12. Apricot