Fruit Spread

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Melya’s delicious and well-balanced assortment of fruit spreads without added sugar declines in 10 various flavors. They are elaborated in a traditional way and the ultimate respect of nature. Melya Provence is continuously researching in combining the delicacy and of its products with their pleasures.


Fruits are carefully selected (GRADE “A” ONLY) so that they can reveal their natural flavors and their taste without any added sugars.


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 Fruit employed: 112g for each 100g of finished product and of Organic Farming.

 Available flavors:Melya Fruit Spread Selection

1. Peach
2. Orange
3. Blueberry
4. Mango
5. Raspberry
6. Strawberry
7. Clementine
8. Lemon
9. Pineapple & Lemon