Melya Provence (France)

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Since 1983, Melya’s ultimate goal is to propose to their customers products of an incomparable quality in the biggest respect of nature.

Developed in the heart of the Italian Alps and in the home-made traditional ways, the complete range of Mélya products are certified “Organic farming”.

 Melya’s product portfolio contains the following categories: 

  1. Fruit Spreads (Without added sugar)
  2. Tomato & Pesto Sauces
  3. Delights – Délices: Gourmet products with intense flavors.
  4. Fruit Juices (750 mL) 10 flavors A selection of fruit juices constituting 12 flavors.
  5. Nectars Juices (200 mL)

Melya Certifications:

Melya Fruits, Vegetables  and other ingredients are carefully chosen and processed according to high standards. They are all compliant Organic (BIO) and conform to:

melya organic (BIO) certifications