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Even Goethe said "No pleasure is temporary, because the impression it leaves is permanent."

Honigmayr's specialties - a genuine taste of nature

Honigmayr's philosophy and actions are characterised by the knowledge that their business can only succeed in an unimpaired natural environment. Without a healthy environment, no bee colony on earth would be capable of producing pure honey.

This philosophy is emphasised by the expression "A genuine taste of nature".


Honigmayr Acacia Honey

ACACIA HONEY - Delicate, mild flavor

Admist the world's most beautiful Acacia forests, delicious Acacia honey is harvested by millions of bees. From the nectar of the Acacia blossom, they produce a light and clear honey specility with a particularity delicate and mild flavor.

This delicacy is highly recommended as a sweetener for tea, dairy products and fruit jiuces

Package type: Jars of 400g


Honigmayr Forest Honey

FOREST HONEY - Tangy, resinous flavor

This unmistakable tangy and resinous flavor of Forest Honey stems directly from the honeydew of trees and the nectar of forest flowers.

Bees have been collecting this delicacy from the forest for centuries, providing us with the true classic among Austrian honey varieties.

Forest Honey is perfect as a spread, a sweetener for dairy products or as a delicious addition to muesli.

Package type: Jars of 400g & 1,000g


Honigmayr Beekeeper's Honey

BEEKEEPER'S HONEY - Delicate, tangy flavor

For more than 12,000 years, mankind has been finding new ways to benefit from the valuable natural product of bees, And this millennia-old knowledge is what makes our modern day beekeepers true experts on this "liquid gold".

The perfect interaction between man and nature ensures pollination and, therefore, the preservation of our plants and crops.

For a delicious snack, try Honigmay's carefully harvested Beekeeper's Honey as a spread.

Package type: Jars of 400g


Honigmayr Creamy Blossom Honey

CREAM HONEY - Delicate, creamy flavor

The secret during the production of this honey lies in the gentle creaming process. The diversity of this Austrian flowering plants gives Creamy Blossom Honey its delicate, tangy flavor.

This honey is a real favorite among children and its delicate creamy consistency makes it highly recommended as a spread..

Package type: Jars of 400g


Honigmayr Orange Honey

ORANGE HONEY - Mild tart flavor

The bees acquire this fine beekeeper's speciality from the delicate blossoms of orange trees. Its wonderful orangey color not only lends Orange Honey its flavor, but also gives it is distinctive appearance.

Orange Honey is a true all-rounder-perfect, as a spread and an essential companion in modern cuisine.

Package type: Jars of 400g


Honigmayr Lime Honey

LIME HONEY - Mild to tart flavor

Lime honey has been proven a household remedy for many generations. This highly aromatic honey is collected form lime-blossom nectar. Its calming effect is reflected in particular in its mild to tart flavor.

Best enjoyed as a spread or as a sweetener for dairy products.

Package type: Jars of 400g


Honigmayr Mountain Honey

MOUNTAIN HONEY - Tangy, tar flavor

This honey originates from the blossoms of the exotic Mexican highlands. The rich variety of blossom found in these mountains gives it is tangy, tart flavor.

Mountain Honey is perfect as a spread, a sweetener for dairy products, a delicious addition to muesli or as an ingredient in modern cuisine.

Package type: Jars of 400g


Honigmayr Fairtrade Blossom Honey


Guaranteed high quality from the certified beekeepers. the independent FAIRTRADE Mark offers you peace-of-mind that this product has been certified in accordance with international Fairtrade standards.

By purchasing this product, you are making a contribution towards improving the living conditions of small farmers in Latin American.

Package type: Jars of 400g & 1,000g