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Creation of the range Stéa®: taste and more

MILLBÄKER is the expert in the mix preparations for baking and bakery products.
It owes its reputation to its ability to create innovative products that combine quality, taste and health!
Embarking on the gluten-free market when we are expert in bread is a real challenge.  Gluten plays a vital role in the texture of the final product's structure.
Our expert bakers have therefore put all their know-how and creativity in the development of 4 references Stéa® to offer gluten free mixes, but with taste and more!

Stéa®'s values:

  • A unique taste: MILLBÄKER carefully selected and gathered the ingredients in the composition mixes; grain to flour!
  • Quality: because your confidence and safety are priorities.
  • Ease of use: follow our tips and recipes and discover all the fields of application of our mixes!
  • Pleasure and satisfaction to cook yourself.

Gluten intolerance

The permanent gluten intolerance is called celiac disease.
This disease is known autoimmune as the ingestion of gluten triggers a defense mechanism that directs antibodies against the villi of the intestines.
Gluten is a protein fraction contained in cereals such as wheat, barley, oats, spelled, rye and other derivatives of wheat. It is present in the majority of consumer products such as bread and cakes.

Through its values, Stéa® allows food to cook without taste intolerant restrictions!

Development and product control

1) Our technical center

Millbäker's head quarters in "Aube" where cereal crops represent 63% of the area of the region. At the heart of our business is our technical center; a bakery laboratory that designs new products, improve revenues, control the manufacturing and advises our customers!

2) Your personalized product without gluten

Want to create your Gluten free mixes? Our experts in research and development will help you create your own products made from grain and carefully selected ingredients without Gluten.

Quality Benchmarks

Our preparations are developed with rigor:

  1. HACCP.
  2. Production facility completely isolated and dedicated to prevent contamination.
  3. Control of each production by an COFRAC (Accredited Laboratory).
  4. Control of organoleptic and microbiological properties.

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