Bionat Ready Home Made Food

Bionat Home made ready food: 

Made with the utmost care and quality, these fine products are delicious and suitable for all occasions. Since its creation, "La Fee Maison" produces with all refinement frozen foods ready to cook. Their products are based on:

    1. Quality ingredients
    2. Strict yet delicious recipes
    3. Highest hygiene standards
    4. Appropriate packaging to preserve freshness
    5. And lots of love 


List of products available at Bionat boutique:

Kebbeh Sayniyeh (30 cms) Kebbeh Sayniyeh (24 cms) Kebbeh Stuffed (12 pcs) Falafel (12 pcs)
Souflet - Kebbeh Potato (30 cms) Souflet - Kebbeh Potato (24 cms)  Cordon Bleu (2 pcs) Cordon Bleu (5 pcs)
Pizza (30 cms) Pizza (24 cms) Pizza (12 pcs)  
Quiche au Saumon (30 cms) Quiche au Saumon (24 cms)  Quiche aux Poiroeaux (30 cms) Quiche aux Poiroeaux (24 cms)
Quiche Spinach (30 cms) Quiche Spinach (24 cms)    
Sambousik (12 pcs) Fatayer Spinach (12 pcs) Rkakat Cheese (12 pcs) Rkakat Suzuk (12 pcs)
Spring Rolls (12 pcs) Spring Rolls (8 pcs) Shisk Barah - Beef (40 pcs) Hamburger - Beef (6 pcs)


* Catering menu for special occasions (Birthdays, Diners, Receptions, ...)