Fiji Water (Fiji Islands)

Artesian water:

FIJI's artesian water comes from deep within the earth and is protected by solid, confining layers of stone and clay. There is no opening, not even a porthole to the surface, and the water never comes in contact with the air.

According to the U.S. EPA*, water from artesian aquifers often is purer than other water sources because the multiple strata of rock and clay provide a critical protective shield against potential contamination.


Mini and Mobile (330mL):

Fiji's smallest bottle size, the FIJI Water 330mL ships in a 36-count case. It is perfect for kids and fits easily in the purse or a car cup holder for on-the-go use. At home, it is a great product for parties, events, or when family comes to town. It makes a thoughtful treat for your clients and customers.

Product is sold by the case. 36 bottles per case.

300mL FIJI Water case

Personal (500mL):

Fiji's most popular bottle size is the FIJI Water 500mL ships in a 24-count case. It offers great versatility and value and is the perfect serving size for an adult. The 500mL is large enough to quench the immediate thirst, yet light-weight enough to tote around. FIJI Water 500mL is also the ideal bottled water for conference rooms and offices.

Product is sold by the case. 24 bottles per case.

500mL FIJI Water case

500mL Fiji water bottle

Large (1L):

The FIJI Water 1L bottle ships in a 12-count case. Our second most popular item, the 1L is a reliable thirst-quencher. This size is well-suited for active lifestyles, provides plenty of hydration to support your workouts, and helps to offset the effects of dehydration. It is a must item for the well-stocked family refrigerator.

Product is sold by the case. 12 bottles per case.

1L FIJI Case

1L Fiji water bottle

Extra Large (1.5L):

Our largest-size bottle and best value, the FIJI Water 1.5L ships in a 12-count case. For those serious about hydration and who know the benefits of detoxifying the body, the 1.5L is just the right size. It is also the ideal serving container at meal time, where the 1.5L can be easily shared by the whole family.

Product is sold by the case. 12 bottles per case.


 1.5L Fiji water bottle



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